Where is The bottom?

Where is the bottom? The real estate market is still in decline according to the most recent stats. When will we hit the bottom? The truth is nobody knows! The market can turn faster than Brittany Spears goes from drunk to sober, to good mom to bad mom! As long as lenders are tight on the money, the market will remain sluggish.

If you are in the realty business, you already noticed that property that falls within the FHA Gridlines are actually selling! WOW, it is rocket science after all! In 2005, we were calling for the Undertaker to take FHA and VA loans away! With all of the 100% financing available to anyone (my dead uncle actually got a 100% loan in 2005, two years after they buried him. So much for only needing a pulse in 2005 to get a sub-prime loan) who needed VA or FHA? Flash forward to 2008! FHA is making the strongest comeback since George Forman in the 1990’s!

Like an old rerun of Good Times, FHA loans are DYNO-MITE for real estate! Those government loans are saving the day. This should send out an obvious signal to Wallstreet as well. Buyers must have some skin in the game (down payment), make money available to loan (attention lenders) to buyers with decent credit, follow Uncle Sam’s lead (FHA) and start walking to the light at the end of the tunnel.

I believe that the Tampa Bay Ray’s can win the World Series this year, The Buccaneer’s can host a Superbowl here in Tampa and play in (and win) the big game and The Tampa Bay Lightning can reclaim The Stanley Cup with the help of another Vince and new ownership. AND, I believe the real estate machine that drives America will lead our economy BACK.

Who needs Obama or McCain? The Vince Arcuri plan will work! Now somebody put me in charge! Somebody just needs to pay attention, and I’m not talking about ESPN.

Gas Prices and Real Estate

Gas PricesGas Prices and Real Estate:The price per barrel of oil seem to have a price impact on everything from food to the cost of a new DVD. The one thing that is not impacting is the price of real estate! Too bad because this could be one of the few positive spotlights for Sellers in this slow moving economy! What is shocking to me, is why BUYERS are not leaping off their butts to get a piece of the action! I saw yesterday that prices in Tampa Bay have fallen another 20% since this same time last year. I was interviewed with FOX 13 NEWS and the reporter, Craig Patrick asked me off camera how long I thought this crisis would last and how much farther prices would drop.

First of all, you must keep in mind that 90% of the properties for sale are overpriced. 80% of the properties currently listed have NO CHANCE TO SELL in this market. If you were a smart buyer, you eliminate those 90% of the unrealistic Sellers and focus on the “actual” properties that are for sale. Most are priced below market value (which make them saleable) and the Seller will more than likely negotiate further! I have Buyers, SMART BUYERS, who are purchasing in this market. I have a Buyer closing Friday of this week on a home in the Estates of Cheval. The previous owner paid almost one million dollars for this home in 2006. My Buyer picks it up for less than half a million. What is the actual market value of that home? Did the market fall 50% since the home was purchased in 2006? The answer is NO! But the buyer recognized the home was going to sell under market value and he JUMPED! NOTE: You can’t steal in slow motion! To this Buyer, “WHAT IF” the market fell another 10% next year? He still is miles ahead of the game. That house, with a little elbow grease is worth $700,000 conservatively.

If you want to make money in real estate, do what the professionals do: They BUY when everyone else is SELLING and the SELL when others are BUYING. And remember the ABC of investing……Always Be Careful.

You can’t always believe the media. The media has Obama with a double digit lead over McCain. Do you believe it? Maybe Obama has a lead, but the media will exaggerate it. If they did not, there would be no story! There is still money to be made, deals to be purchased in Florida real estate. If your Realtor has not been selling real estate for more than five years, you may want to further evaluate their credentials. The last thing you want to do is have an Agent practice selling in this market with your checkbook! Smart investors look for experienced agents who are worth their weight in gold! The market can turn around faster than The Tampa Bay Ray’s. To learn more, go to www.vincearcuri.com

Real Estate, Politics, and the NFL

Where does all this “change” come from!  Look at the state of our country!  In 2005, the realty market was on fire, gas was $2.00 a gallon and nobody knew a politician named Obama unless you were from Illinois!

Fast forward to 2008, faster than Michelle Obama can do a “daps” with her husband Barack Hussain Obama, the world has changed dramatically! Gas prices are $4.00 a gallon, real estate is down 30% and Obama is the Democratic nominee!

WOW. The world changes pretty fast if you don’t pay attention! Seems like the Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s were just winning the Superbowl! Now, Jon Gruden is fighting for his job! After the 8-8 season on the horizon, he will probably be looking for a job in 2009 (if Joel Glasier ever wakes up). Chris Simms leads another team to the Superbowl and former “wonder boy” of the NFL, Gruden will claim that he discovered him! That Superbowl win in 2003 is getting OLD! The last time the Buc’s won a playoff game was The Superbowl!

Like I said, things change on a dime. Hopefully, in February, the Buc’s are playing in the Superbowl right here in Tampa, gas prices are back to $2.00 a gallon and real estate is cooking again!  The next few years will be very interesting. Real Estate, Politics, and the NFL! I’m ready for 2009!

Discovery! It does Take More Than 2% To Sell a Home!

I was thinking today about how fast real estate markets change. Just a few years ago, Realtors in Tampa Bay were freaked out over a new business model that was advertising 2% commissions. The spokes person used to say that “it did not take 5%, 6% or 7% to sell a home”. It only cost 2% he boasted.  (Oh by the way, they charged every junk fee you could imagine, you had to use THEIR Closing Agent and they overcharged every way they could!….. want to talk to an agent that worked there? HA! Want to get out of the agreement? FORGET IT!)  This model had more holes in it’s hull than the SS Titanic (maybe that is too much of a compliment, lets just say the SS Minnow). This was typical of discount franchises. The shocker here is that this guy had convinced some “players” in the market to back him (or “Out”back him – if you live in Tampa you got the pun). They must have spent millions on local media and ad blitz! Every time I drove by a billboard or turned on the radio or turned on the TV, here was this guy.   All he did was badmouth traditional Realtors and spend his father in laws money.  It was a great model, so they thought, but had he used those funds to open a traditional realty office, he would have made it! As the #1 ERA Agent in Florida last year, I don’t think ERA spent $1.00 in Tampa to promote our franchise. Had they spent the kind of money this company spent, they would have monopolized the Bay area market.

BOOM, on dime the market changed and this model sputtered to a halt.

I guess they found out that poor service, combined with alienating every real estate agent in Tampa, based with 2% commissions equal a financial disaster. When the father in law cut off the gravy train and went back to focus on steaks, son in law went…….. I don’t know! I have not heard a peep. Guess they changed the name of the company to escape the creditors!

Funny, when the market turned sour, this business model went from “The #1 Real Estate Office in Tampa Bay” in a hot market to “flash in the pan poster child” almost overnight! A discount broker seems like a great idea in a blistering market. When you are in a normal or slow market, those discount brokers sink like rocks. Why? It takes money to sell real estate in 2008 and lots of it! Virtual tours, Internet ads, color brochures, mail outs, not to mention gas prices at $4.00+ a gallon! The point is this: Selling real estate is for big boys and girls. If you have to bring your father in laws money into the fray, you are about to be hammered.

Had this lad been forced by his father in law to actually go sell real estate for a few years BEFORE they threw away a few million dollars, their family banker would have been more appreciative! The next time those guys want to stop flipping steaks on the barbie and venture into the real estate world, they should hire somebody with the ability to make a company succeed. Not crash and burn it! I guess it really does take more than 2% to sell a home! WORD!

Democrats, Republicans and the Liberal Media

 If it were up to the media, the last presidents would have been Walter Mondale, Al Gore, John Kerry and now Obama. They only got Bill Clinton in the middle somewhere (and I’m forgetting somebody, rightfully so). And now those same liberals are trying to say that Hilary Clinton is the Devil………unless she is the VP nominee of Obama and then she is a genius again. I guess they love Obama so much because they can all “CHANGE” on a moments notice.

No wonder America gets it right almost every time despite the constant brainwashing of the media and Hollywood. As if Bruce Sprigsteen can relate to America. Just because he sings songs about middle America does not translate into votes, only million dollar record deals. “The Boss” can’t fix his own toilet (where all his music should be by the way) but he sits in his glass house and is tossing stone after stone.

As far as I am concerned, John McCain wants to take government away. There is way too much involvement now. The economy is in shambles thanks to a Democrat led Congress and Senate. Where were we four years ago when the Republican’s ruled the Senate and the White House? We were clicking on twelve cylinders. The real estate market was on fire, the stocks were roaring and the economy was kicking ass! What did the media do? BRAINWASHED America into voting Democrat. Well, it’s almost four years later and now that the Democrats have 2/3 control (Republicans only have the White House) and the economy is in the toilet…….thank you Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks and all of the LIBERAL MEDIA! Now they want FULL CONTROL. They can take away our tax breaks that Bush gave us so we have even LESS money! Great way to fix the problem.

Fix it this way. Vote RED on November. Democrats, Republicans and the Liberal Media? Look at history and see when we were better off. Vote Republican across the board. That is the fastest way for real estate and our economy to rebound. McCain in 2008. I’m more afraid this time than in any other time in my life. In past elections, I was not afraid that our President would turn on the Country. Obama is a dangerous man who hates whites and he hates America. PROOF to me that he was a member of that church for 20 years and never rejected the message until now, when he want to be President.

Anyone who think any different has fallen to the puppet masters, the Liberal Media. The only news I can even watch is MSNBC. They only tell the truth!

Another Classic, The Democrats, Moe, Larry, Curly

Since there was so much fanfare given to my last post, I thought I’d pour more gas on the fire with another non-real estate writing!  For the enjoyment of America, Vince Arcuri calls it as he sees it: Go McCain!


In theme with the Democratic Political Agenda, we here in Florida just got screwed again! It seems like the liberal media and the Democrats want to get Senator Obama elected regardless of whether or not he gets the vote! If I am a Democrat in Florida, I’m off the charts angry this morning. Hilary Clinton won Florida. There was a vote in January. Did anyone else in the country notice?What did the Dem’s do? They split the delegates between Clinton and Obama. Delegates that Clinton WON were given to Obama.

The word hypocrite comes to mind! Are these not the same ones who complained that Florida somehow “cheated” Al Gore out of the election? Are these the same “hanging chad” spin doctors? Now they are doing it again.

Here is the problem. The majority of the Country does not want an anti-white, cigarette smoking, America hating liberal running the country. As much as CNN may want to paint Obama and his America loathing wife as good for America. If he were to be elected, America would go into another Great Depression.

I can’t wait for the Debates. His inexperience will show. There will only be two or three debates this year. After Mc Cain exposes him as the fraud he is, the Democrat will run for the hills and claim “scheduling differences” so that he will not have to dance to the music on live TV.

I’m also so happy to live in a country as great as America! I am FREE to give my views.I know Obama wants it different, but hey, he should be glad to live in America as well. Even though his wife and Pastor are ashamed. He ran away from his American hating Pastor way too late.

I know this. The Pastor at my church is a man I will hang my hat on right now. He would never embarrass a member of his congregation with anti-America preaching. If Obama had to resign from his church, it was only because he is running for President. He should have never been a member of that church (for 20 years?) If he did not AGREE with the message. And only now that he has been exposed, he slams the door shut.

Shame on Mr. Obama. First for being a part of that Church and second, for not being man enough to stand behind the Pastor when controversy brakes loose. What are you going to do as President? When we have a conflict with Iran, are you going to flush the toilet on America like you did with your Pastor? Here is a lesson: Stand by your COUNTRY, stand by your PASTOR. Take a stand and be a man.  All this has shown me is that his middle name should be “Geico” because if they told him dress in a pink tuxedo because it would win him votes, he would do that as well. He will turn into anything and do anything to get the vote.  I guess “change” for him is “I’ll change into whatever you want me to be so I can get your vote”.  McCain has never wavered he is the same MAN he has always been. He is NOT “another eight years” and if you did your homework, you would know that He should have been President eight years ago, but a few lies by some political foe that turned out to be FALSE, cost him the election and the Republican nomination.

Thank you.

Now I can go back to work and sell some real estate. Don’t forget to visit my website at www.vincearcuri.com