A Democracy or A Revolution?

Has America gone blind?

What I see is massive voter fraud. I see a media brainwashing the nation, I see the most inexperienced candidate ever to run for office about to be force fed down Americas throat!

I want a President who is elected by the people, not by groups (can you say ACORN). I see 50% of America thinking that it is O.K. and even funny that false voters are stuffing the ballot boxes. It’s funny because the guy YOU want is cheating. My McCain sign has been stolen 8 times so far. This is nationwide. Has Obama addressed any of this “cheating” going on? NO, because if favors him and his “Viva Obama” campaign. I’m not drinking his tainted Kool-Aid. What is going to happen when “Your Guy” turns out to be a Socialist? When he decided to get rid of term limits and stay in power forever? When he disarms the nation?

When you need the democracy, OUR democracy, it may not be here. I bet Cuba felt the same way before Fidel Castro was “elected” President. Take away legal gun permits for law abiding citizens? Why, so only the criminals can own guns? One vote for Obama is a GIANT LEAP BACKWARDS FOR AMERICA! I hope we (USA) wake up in time!

The clock is ticking Mr. Next President

O.K., so we now have the bailout! This seems odd, that millions of Americans who are in trouble are passed over and $700 Billion goes right to the people who caused this mess to begin with. Now Wallstreet will breathe a sigh of relief, hold on to the money for a while before they are pressured to lend again in 2009.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM AMERICA IS OVERLOOKING: The banks are still not aiding those in need. They are “Short Selling” homes to investors, but not the home owners. Many homeowners are filing bankruptcy to force lenders to renegotiate loans that the lender should be doing by their own free will. Now here is the clincher and the trigger that will drain our economy for the next 5-7 years if something is not done:

As you may know, President Bush passed legislation in 2008 to waive any IRS taxes on the shortfall for those who sell via short Sale or are foreclosure victims. Everyone seems to think that EVERYONE is included and they could not be further from the truth. That law ONLY applies to those who did not pull equity or refinance their home. In other words, if you paid $300,000 for your home in 2003 and in 2005 you pulled $100,000 out to pay off bills, etc. (you owe $410,000) and the home is now worth $290,000 and you sell for that number (Short Sale), you will NOT be exempt from the $110,000 shortage and you WILL receive a 1099 for this amount.

This law needs to be revised and updated for the NOW situation facing this country. No, it’s not fair to the ones who are paying on time, but this law must change and all of those IRS penalties must be waived across the board……… and I’ll take a beating for saying this, but it should apply to ALL properties including investors.Wallstreet was bailed out, now (as Obama and McCain put it) Mainstreet will need a bailout as well. Otherwise, one in six Americans will face another financial disaster and the economy will be impacted again in another way because those people will not be able to SPEND and BUY things. And that is the medicine for the economy to recover.

This will be another disaster if the legislation is not changed again. America needs the bailout worse than Wallstreet ever did. The clock is ticking Mr. Next President

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Elmo Live & Real Estate

The new Elmo Live toy hit the market today.  Go to any toy store and they are everywhere!  Just like real estate, it’s about supply and demand.  Wait till Christmas!  Wait till your kid asks you for one.  There will be ZERO inventory in the stores and you will go right to e-bay and pay more than retail for the toy.

It reminds me of 2005 real estate market.  Little inventory, many buyers.  Just like real estate, if the toy maker started pumping out toys (like the builders did houses and condos), I’ll bet speculators will rush to the store and buy every toy they can get their greedy hands on!  The thought: They will double their money with the “Elmo Bubble”.

Then, after the market is flooded with toys, those investors will be left with a doll that is worth about 50% of what they paid!  Those credit card companies that financed the deals will be in big trouble as well.

Don’t worry, if this senario becomes a reality, the government will bail out those credit card companies and take those losses for them.  Our tax dollars will pay for it.  So run out and buy as many Elmo dolls as your credit limit will allow (NOT).

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Stocks VS. Florida Real Estate

As the stock market continues to slide, it only justifies my belief that real estate is a much more solid investment, especially now that prices are back to the 2003-2004 levels.  There are some tremendous buys right now that can be had well under market value.  Especially if you have cash, you can really build a high quality portfolio NOW that will pay off huge in the future.     I deal with several (4) different sources of REO business so I have an excellent handle on those “deals” should you decide to make a move in that direction.   When your stock goes down and the company goes belly up, you have a worthless stock certificate.  In real estate, you have the house and a tenant providing you cash flow.  Long term history, real estate has always out performed the stock market.     Invest in Florida, now more than ever.  for more information, go to my website direct at http://www.headofrealestate.com .  On this site, you can:  

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Don’t panic! Real Estate will be the answer.  Real Estate was the REASON our global economy was booming and real estate will bring us back!

A Light At The End of The Tunnel

Right now, in Tampa, you can buy a 3500 square foot home (heated and cooled) with a caged pool, three car garage, 5 bedrooms, four baths, an oversized media room in a gated and guarded community for about $300,000 to $375,000 depending on the area.

How long do you think it is going to last? NOT LONG. As real estate suffered this 2008, everyone was sitting on their hands. Now, with the bailout, investors are eating up inventory. What are other waiting for? Where should investors buy?

Look at who was hot when the market was on fire:

Las Vegas



Naturally, those areas fell the farthest when the market collapsed! Who is set on that big “V” curve or rebound? Those same areas (stay away from condo’s). Tomorrow’s millionaires are buying property today in Florida, Nevada and Arizona.

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Don’t Vote IF……………

The first Tuesday in November is just a month away! The T.V. ads are everywhere! We are definitely as Bill O’Riley would say are in “The Spin Zone” of the big blue and red political machine. What I can’t believe, is that apparently, 50% of America is drinking tainted Kool-Aid from one of the candidates.

I was raised by my Italian family (my grandparents came to Tampa on a boat from Italy in the early 1900’s. One phrase I hard over and over growing up was this:

“Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who YOU are”

Think about that before you vote for our next commander in chief and if you don’t know the facts, please DO NOT VOTE!



Market Crash

The Stock Market is down 700 points already today! So much for the 700 BILLION dollar bailout plan. Consumer confidence is circling the drain! I got to thinking about this and I came to a conclusion that I bet will be the next trend in America. PAY OFF YOUR HOUSE!

If you have the cash, look at it this way. If your $100 a share stock crashes, you end up with a worthless piece of paper. If the real estate market keeps going down, you can live in your house forever! Investment? The value of the house goes down, but it WILL come back up. You have the structure, the land and the income from your rent rolls. With stocks, you have an egg if you are in this market. I still think real estate is a better investment…… now more than ever.

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