A Democracy or A Revolution?

Has America gone blind?

What I see is massive voter fraud. I see a media brainwashing the nation, I see the most inexperienced candidate ever to run for office about to be force fed down Americas throat!

I want a President who is elected by the people, not by groups (can you say ACORN). I see 50% of America thinking that it is O.K. and even funny that false voters are stuffing the ballot boxes. It’s funny because the guy YOU want is cheating. My McCain sign has been stolen 8 times so far. This is nationwide. Has Obama addressed any of this “cheating” going on? NO, because if favors him and his “Viva Obama” campaign. I’m not drinking his tainted Kool-Aid. What is going to happen when “Your Guy” turns out to be a Socialist? When he decided to get rid of term limits and stay in power forever? When he disarms the nation?

When you need the democracy, OUR democracy, it may not be here. I bet Cuba felt the same way before Fidel Castro was “elected” President. Take away legal gun permits for law abiding citizens? Why, so only the criminals can own guns? One vote for Obama is a GIANT LEAP BACKWARDS FOR AMERICA! I hope we (USA) wake up in time!


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