Another Year, 2009 is the New 2008

We start the year hopeful of a turnaround, but this disaster has to run the course!  I see a better January of 09 compared to 08, but this is due to foreclosure activity.  The cash investors are everywhere!  Like always, the pros are out buying….. in front of the curve.  The pretenders (followers afraid to take chances who follow other investors) will be too late as always.  All of those “flippers” on new home construction are looking down the double barrel of foreclosure and lost equity.  They were too late again (back then, 2005 and early 2006) as the REAL investors had already flipped a few new construction deals before the common layman knew what it was.  By the time it was a frenzy, those veteran investors had moved on!  By the time the rest of the world knows what is going on, the money has already been made.

The time to buy is NOW.  We have 8 deals pending in January…… EVERY ONE OF THEM ARE INVESTORS!  For more information, go to