I’m Still In Shock Over The Exit Realty Concept!

I came to Exit for the single level residuals and the UNLIMITED potential they offer.  What I am in shock over is the constant offerings of first quality training available via live video and by the marketing tools offered to their agents and brokers to help them…… help US get property sold and closed.  The SUPPORT that is offered is just too good to believe if I were not experiencing it myselfI had TWO closings just today that were a DIRECT RESULT of Exit Realty’s national marketing. Also, even though EXIT Realty in Tampa Bay is small compared to other brokerages here (and TRUST ME, it will not take me long to open the eyes of Tampa Bay to QUALITY and EXIT will make an “ENTRANCE” into and onto Tampa Bay) the fact remains that EXIT is strong all over North America.  Yesterday a man walked into my office.  He said he was from Dade County and saw the EXIT sign on the building, turned his car around and gave me a listing on a vacant piece of property he owns in North Tampa.  He said he has personally experienced EXIT Realty and the quality marketing and he expected no less in this area.  The EXIT reputation got me another BONUS!

I look back on my past 5-6 years in real estate.  I was always in a bad mood. Grumpy, fighting with everyone. Just not happy.  I made a move to my last office for all the wrong reasons and remained unhappy. When I came to EXIT, I left all that bad luggage behind.  I had stayed with ERA longer than I should have.  I was the #1 ERA Agent in Tampa since 1995.  I figured that when I got knocked off that post, I’d make a move.  Then I was #1 in Florida in 2007 and then again in 2008.  Then in 2008, I was also #1 in the world with ERA (Team Arcuri). It just was not going to end…………………………… I was still miserable!

Now, I’m very happy.  I made the move to EXIT.  My goal now is to be the #1 EXIT Agent in the World!  The DIFFERENCE IS THIS:  The #1 EXIT Agent in the world will share everything they have with me, and I to him.  We all work as a TEAM to help other agent be a sucess! Why? Residuals! When my group (EXIT)does well, I get a paycheck!  When my recuites from ERA have a closing, I got ZERO!  It was an easy move.  The last firm was only intrested in how much they could charge me in fees. EXIT really cares about me and my business.

In a Nutshell: While other brokerages are trying to sneak in ways to make money off their Agents, EXIT is trying to make money FOR their Agents with the thinking that if they help their own agents make a profit, they will not leave Exit ever and THEN the company can profit.  They look out for us FIRST and the company is secondary.  The other firms look our for themselves first and the Agents second. No wonder so many brokerages are going out of business.

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Seems like every time I turn on my T.V. I see the ad where the client is sitting on a couch boasting about how much money they “saved” with BUY OWNER.  They say, “we saved a commission” and wow it seems to good to be true.  What they are NOT telling you is that although there is no commission there IS an up front fee.  THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in UPFRONT FEES.  If the home does not sell?  “THANKS BUY OWNER” the Seller is OUT the money AND you have to hire a Realtor to sell the home.

Just remember, a Realtor has to spend their own monies to market and advertise a listing.  If it does not sell, the Realtor is OUT the money, not the seller!  If you were paid up front, would you even care if the listing sold or not or would you be searching for the next “UP FRONT $2,500 FEE (or whatever the fee is in 2009)” to keep your ship afloat.

Remember, a real estate brokerage has to actually SELL houses to stay afloat.  BUY OWNER just needs to get more up front fees.  The ones who do sell, I guess get to be on a T.V. commercial.

Going on a consult Saturday?  Guess who is out $2,500 (MOL)?  I would like to say “Thanks Buy Owner” myself on this one if I get the listing (looks to be a priced off base)!

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How Much Commission Can you Earn From 6′ Underground?

I got a call from a “headhunter” from RE/MAX today. She was shocked that I left ERA after 18 years!  “Why not RE/MAX” she asked me.  I told her all of the great reasons why I was drawn to EXIT Realty.  I explained all of the great tools they offer me to market my listings and all of the great agents sending referrals nationwide.  I told her about Single Level Residuals! Do you know what this person told me?  She said that it did not make sense to go with EXIT because I had to rely on the sales of others to make the residual monies.  I thought “YEA! That is great …… right?”  She said she would rather take her own money and put it into a retirement account and save for her own “EXIT” from the business.  I thought to myself as I was having this conversation, why is every real estate agent in America not with EXIT?  The managers of those other firms can’t even come up with a rational reason as to why EXIT is not good! This lady was trying to tell me I was better off paying $25,000 to RE/MAX to rent an office space than I was at EXIT?

So I’m better off with another firm?  I hire in at EXIT and bring agents in and make 20%-30% more than 100% and that is not good enough.  When I was with ERA, the maximum I could ever make (if I could find a broker who would pay me 100%) was 94%.  With RE/MAX, say 100% (- the $25,000 per year office fee), Century 21 is the same as ERA and so is Coldwell Banker, so 94% is your cap if you find a broker willing to let you set up shop for FREE (NO WAY NO HOW unless your dad is the owner of that franchise).  With EXIT, you can make 200% of your gross income.  You can make 300%.  This residual plan is SINGLE LEVEL. This is not a crazy “profit sharing plan” like at Keller Williams (who by the way never could explain to me how I was getting my money from the residual plan and neither can any of their agents).  If you are an agent, especially if you are under 50 years old, you can really set yourself up for a six figure retirement plan.  I plan on staying with EXIT until I DIE (and oh, by the way, my children will continue to pick the fruit off the EXIT tree when I pass away).  What is your company going to do for your family if you passed away unexpectedly?  Check with your local EXIT broker today and see what EXIT has to offer.  If you don’t, you are selling yourself, your family and your clients, short of what they could and should be getting from you.

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So You Invested In Real Estate Circa 2005?

So you purchased some investment property in 2005. The Realtor who sold it to you is out of the business now and your mortgage broker has a CLOSED sign on the door.  You purchased a home for $225,000 with 100% financing and now that home is worth $125,000.  You have a tenant in the home, but you are looking at a negative number every month.  What should you do?  Here is my solution….. BUY ANOTHER ONE or two. Hire a well qualified Agent so try and “steal” a few more in that same neighborhood as your other investment.  See if you can buy one now UNDER MARKET for like $100,000. If you buy two at this price, you already made up 50% of your loss on the first one.  You can rent for a bit of a positive cash flow to offset the monthly loss on the first one!

Flash forward to 2014.  Five years from now, if our economy is clicking again and it should be, real estate is moving along.  Those $125,000 houses are now worth (speculation)   $165,000-$175,000.  Remember, you paid $100,000 for them.  Now you have two houses with a $75,000 positive equity each and one with a $50,000 negative equity.   You still made a six figure profit.

Real estate is like the stock market.  You buy a stock, say Walmart, at $100 per share.  If you think it hit bottom at $50. per share, why not buy the heck out if it when it’s down.  If you believe in Walmart, and I assume you do because you bought stock in it, why not stay the course?  If you bought 100 shares at $100, then the more you should buy at $50.  Double or triple the amount!  It’s how you accumulate wealth in this country! Stock and Real Estate speculation.

Never has there been a real estate or stock market bubble that shot up rapidly and then took a sharp right hand turn!  What goes up too fast, will come down in a crash.  This real estate market we are in is par for the course.  It is a “Buyers Market” and I ask, why did you buy in a Sellers Market?  You BUY when everyone else is SELLING (2009), you SELL when everyone else is BUYING (2005). Now is the time to rectify your mistake by doing the same thing you did in 2005….. buy real estate.  This time, it is the right move at the right time!

Buy real estate in Florida NOW. Tampa is even better. Those markets that were up in 2005 the highest, crashed the farthest and will be the first to come back!  To learn more about investing in Florida, visit my website at http://www.headofrealestate.com

Realtors! Lets Do Our Part!

If you are a Realtor, you can do your part to help our market recover. As I look through the MLS today looking for a home for a buyer, I again, had to comb through the maze of overpriced listings that have absolutely ZERO chance to sell. The surprising part to the average lay person is that this inventory represents over 60% of the MLS database. If we as Realtors did our jobs and united together, we could properly advise clients (sellers) to take the required direction to rectify their situation.

If they owe more than the home is worth, they can look to a Short Sale. If they have little to no equity, check with the lender for a loan modification. Can they rent the home? Do the really NEED to sell? Perhaps they should take the home off the market for a few years. Did they lose a job? Speak with the lender about skipping a few payments (oh yes they will).

Real estate is all about supply and demand. In 2009, nobody is going to pay retail, at least not in Tampa Florida. By decreasing the number of homes on the market, the ones that have no chance to sell anyway, it will even up the supply and demand factor sooner.

And the FACT is, the United States economy will NOT RECOVER until REAL ESTATE recovers. Real Estate led us into this mess and real estate will lead us out…….. and the jobs they carry with it!

Pricing is the single most important factor when selling. It is so important that I had a video produced to help my potential sellers “Price It Right”. To see it, click here: http://www.headofrealestate.com/mediacenterpricing.html

If we all work together, we can help our leaders turn this market around! For more information, visit my website at http://wwwheadofrealestate.com