It’s FUN To Be A Realtor Again!

I don’t know if it was my move to EXIT or if the real estate world is changing for the better!  The last 60 days have been VERY busy for us!  30 more days makes a full quarter of improved sales.  That is enough for the media to jump on board!  The fact that prices have started to get stable in Tampa Bay, one of the worst hit markets for property depreciation, tells me the rest of the world must be improving as well!

The late night infomercials are filled with “get rich quick” and “no money down” books and CD’s to buy so you know we are at the bottom!  Seems like with every rise and fall of the market, we get those shady products trying to suck the public into false promises (trust me, if they knew where to buy houses for $500, they would not be selling books to tell everyone about it, they would be in the Fortune 500 as one of the wealthiest people in the USA, not selling CD’s on late night T.V.).

It’s fun to be a Realtor again.  I know it is not that way for everyone, but it is getting better!  For the record, my first few months with EXIT Realty have been incredible, fantastic and wonderful!  If you are a Realtor reading this blog and you should take a look at what EXIT has to offer in your town!

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