And The Beat Goes On

The fallout continues in Tampa.  When I left my old franchise for greener (as in EXIT Realty) pastures in March, I made a bold prediction that old school franchise models with 6%-8% franchise fees were KILLING Brokers and making those models obsolete because of newer, “revenue sharing” models like EXIT and to a lesser extent, Keller Williams.  The loyal Brokers of my old franchise were outraged at that blog!  Now, here we are, less than one year later and three of the five of those Franchises in Tampa have either closed their doors or are no longer affiliated with that brand, including the areas most prestigious and well known, closing last Friday. . . . . . coincidence….. or glimpse of the future?

Are they cutting those fees so the agents and brokers can survive the meltdown?  It LOOKS to me like they are not.  At least my old broker kept charging me the 6% fee in 2008.  Where did that get them?  Brokers need to stand up and demand change or they will face a fairly certain demise.  EXIT is proof that everyone can win.  Corporate GREED has killed many firms, real estate, Wallstreet and any other business that refused to change.  EXIT is the only major brand that was born AFTER the Internet explosion in the late 1990’s and they have a clear structure and picture of what the future of real estate looks like and it look very TEAL in color!

Bottom line is this: With traditional models of the old franchises, the AGENT HAS NO STAKE IN THE COMPANY THEY WORK FOR (and getting eaten alive by franchise fees and desk fees)!  The last time I checked, THE AGENTS are the ASSETS of the brokerage!  With those models, it seems like they think the Brokerage is the asset.

I can’t see any way possible to avoid the inevitable….. in another decade, EXIT REALTY will be the largest, most successful model in the game.  Single level residual!  Learn the term!  With EXIT, YOU are the Recording Artist and the Agent you sponsor in is the CD you cut.  Everytime someone buys the CD or downloads your music (the agent makes a sale), YOU get a residual! 

If you don’t understand, you need to at least find out what Exit is all about.  TRAINING, the best in the business.  Residuals? No other franchise offers this alternate stream of income.

With Team Arcuri being ranked #1 worldwide with ERA in 2008, I looked at every model, including 100% models.  I saw the future.  The ONLY company where you can earn more than 100%.  110%, 200% are all realistic goals and can and have been attained by agents.  To learn more, go to or click this link for a video that explains the EXIT system: