A Case For Real Estate / The Great Depression

This is not the first real estate bubble we have had “burst” and it will not be the last. It is my opinion that the government got us all into this mess and it is their obligation to get us out….NOW.

The government is constantly meddling in the real estate business. “First time home buyer tax credit” of this year was just one in a long history of our political “leaders” trying to drum up business for the real estate industry.

In 1919 The National Association of Real Estate Boards (Now NAR or National Association of Realtors) was promoting real estate via the “Own Your Own Home” campaign. This was a industry based program run by Realtors. Herbert Hoover (the then secretary of commerce) encourage the United States government to take over this program to increase home ownership. And the cycle of real estate was forever altered. Since then, it seems like the government has had a hand in real estate, trying to make it more and more affordable so “every American” can live the dream and own a home. This of course so the banking industry could stretch loans out over 30 years and rake in insane revenue on those 30 year loans!

After our country went into the “Great Depression” in the 20’s, how did the country get out of that mess? 25% of Americans were out of work and most of those jobs were construction related! Reigniting the real estate market back then was a great way to create jobs and get the economy rolling again! Talk about a “Stimulus Package” on steroids!!!

So what does America do in 2008 and 2009? We repeat what history taught us and get the real estate industry back on track, getting value back up, getting those construction workers, surveyors, roofers, plumbers, electricians, lawn service companies, painters, Realtors, lenders and everyone related to our field! WOW, what a TRILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT could do for the economy………….. except Obama flushed that toilet when he blew the trillion on HIS ego driven Stimulus package that has clearly and unequivocally FAILED the American people.

The government dug the hole. Now the CAN’T get out of the real estate game…. can they? I say YES they can…… eventually. If they eliminate the capital gains tax on real estate across the board, no matter how short of a time a person has owned the property, we would clear out of this mess sooner rather than later. Further, property taxes like we have in Florida are BULL _ _ _ _!!! Every state that has property taxes could raise the sales tax .02 per dollar and the revenue created would more than offset the income generated by the loss of property taxes. Now (in Florida for example) the tourists can pay some of that money to rebuild our roads, etc. (since they help destroy and use those roads now) This will reduce the overall cost of home ownership (total payment) by 1/3 in many cases. Buyers who can’t afford to buy, now will be able to and as they buy those starter homes, everyone can move back up the food chain!

After the market gets healthy again, we can only hope that the government can stay out of the business of trying to get every American to own a home. (How did that work out for you President Clinton?). The TRUTH IS, some people will NEVER own a home and will be lifetime renters. America, there is nothing wrong with that! Everyone does not need to buy or own a home for America to be great! We just need responsible leadership that understands economics and how the system works. 2012 seems really far off to me, but November 2010 is just a few weeks away! I can FEEL the market recovering now!


Obama is NAKED!

Senator Obama is Naked

Has anyone else noticed that Senator and Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Hussain Obama is NAKED? Just like the naked emperor, some Americans are drinking from the same contaminated jug of Kool-Aid as Obama. Unbelievable. First, Obama utters the words “typical white person” in an interview. I don’t care what the circumstances were or are. If Senator McCain had said the words “typical black person” in any way, shape or form, he would have been forced to resign his position as a United States Senator, forget the Commander in Chief job altogether. Al Sharptan and Jessie Jackson (who’s son is one of Obama’s most trusted advisors) would have been marching from O.J. Simpson’s house in Miami all the way to Alaska in protest. Obama does it and carries on as usual. NAKED.

I watched the Democratic Nation Convention this week and saw President Bill Clinton say that he had little experience before being elected. That the fact that Obama has little experience in big time politics that he was “ready to be President” (I don’t think he, or Hillary meant what they said, they just did what was politically correct, they followed protocol….NAKED) and lead the nation. Then, two days later, McCain introduces Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska as his running mate. What does the Obama camp do? They attack Sarah Palin’s experience! I fell off my chair! She has MORE experience that Barrack Hussain Obama does! She holds an office as Governor of a state! Obama has no executive experience at all! She is a first term Governor, he is a first term Senator. Suddenly, the white woman is not good enough but Obama, a black man, with similar experience, who is at the HEAD of the ticket is a better choice to lead the nation? NAKED.

Has Sarah Palin’s husband stated that he hates America? Maybe he did before but now that his wife is a Vice President candidate he decided to love America? No, he has always loved America, unlike Michelle Obama who only started loving America after he husband became the front runner. I know this because SHE SAID IT. I saw and heard her say it. NAKED.

Was I the only one who saw Obama stand up for his Pastor over and over. The one who said the US Government invented the AID’s virus to kill blacks? The one who proclaimed “God Damn America” in a speech to Obama’s congregation? If that had been Senator McCain’s Pastor, America would have demanded that McCain resign at once. Obama stood by his Pastor until SOMEBODY ELSE had to tell him to let go! He did not have the COMMON SENSE to condemn this man……. the devil himself. How can he make decisions as a commander? He can’t make obvious leadership decisions that the everyday man would make. NAKED

Senator Obama gives a great speech. So did Adolph Hitler. I don’t want him (Hitler) President of my country either. What I see is plain and clear. What I can’t understand is what 50% of the rest of America is seeing! I have seen Jimmy Carter NAKED as well in 1975. He was the Democratic nominee. In 1976 he was elected to the White House. He was going to change America. He did……. for the worse. Other than Bill Clinton, what Democrat President in the last 75 years has been re-elected to a second term?

Obama is a good looking man, he speaks with a silver tongue and he has everyone around him drunk with excitement. If he were to be elected, he would have to do the job. Just like jimmy Carter before him, he will fail. Can anyone else see that raising taxes in this economy is suicide? Pulling our troops out of Iraq premature will jeopardize the safety of our children? Obama talks a good game. If he was in Tampa the day before the election, he would promise me that the Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s would win the Superbowl. The next day he is in Atlanta telling those people that he promises them the Atlanta Falcon’s will win the Superbowl. He makes up change as he goes along. He tells America everything they WANT and are DESPERATE to hear. He is NAKED! At least Senator McCain, like his slogan, talks straight! I’ll take the “straight talk express.”

If the election were based on looks, charm and charisma, Obama, NAKED Obama is the man. If you are going on experience, merit and actual qualifications, it will be a landslide victory in November for the McCain / Palin ticket. I don’t have to pretend that they are clothed because they ARE! Obama? NAKED. I’m not going to say what a nice tailor made suit he has on. HE IS NAKED.

As a minority myself, I can say that I believe Senator Obama were white, Hillary Clinton would be the nominee. How can the Obama camp condemn the experience of Sarah Palin? The Democratic leadership, or lack there of is really showing me something. They are NAKED, yet everyone keeps telling them how great that new suit looks. As a Hispanic, I would have loved to see a fellow Hispanic become President. To see a woman or a black as Commander in Chief will be a GREAT DAY IN AMERICA. Perhaps even Senator Obama himself……………..in 20 years when he is no longer naked!.

Hillary Clinton put it best. “John McCain is one of the most loyal and accomplished US Senators in history. Obama gave a speech in 2004”. Maybe America is trying to apologize for all of the terrible things that have happened to the blacks over the years? Maybe it is a guilt complex. Maybe he is just to cool to resist. I say to you a black person WILL be Commander one day.  Colon Powell, Condoleza Rice! I like that ticket TODAY if it were an option for me, I’d be all over it! They have my vote right now. A NAKED, first term Senator? No way. I saw a bumper sticker that pretty much sums it up. “I’ll take a third term of Bush before a second term of Carter”

50% of America, open your eyes. Senator Barack Obama is NAKED, NAKED, NAKED. Nice sox Senator.

Politics and Real Estate Don’t Mix

I know, I know. I am not going to follow protocol here at all and I’m going to give a political opinion. Sorry if anyone is offended, but this is the way I see it.

First of all, I see all of the Obama supporters slamming Hillary Clinton and more recently, Bill Clinton. I’m reading an America Online poll that says 68% of the people think Bill Clinton is hurtful to his wife’s campaign. I say WOW! As far as I remember, all of the Democrats of the world hung their hat on Bill Clinton. Everyone said he was one of the BEST Presidents of all time (and I strongly disagree).

If Clinton was not a good President, when was the last time there was a Democrat in the White House who was a great (or good for that mater) Commander in Chief? Let’s see….. Jimmy Carter? Johnson? JFK? Hardly a trio I’d be proud of. To say JFK was the worst President of all time, well I can make an EXCELLENT argument on that one and had he not been assassinated, history would agree with me. Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis (almost WW III over Kennedy ego) just to name the two biggies. As a matter of fact, take the Monica Lewinski crisis and Jimmy Carter’s “lusting after other women” and JFK’s legendary womanizing and what have the Democrats offered over the years……. except using the White House as a personal “chick magnet” at America’s expense.

In my lifetime we have had Richard Nixon (say what you will, but he got us out of Vietnam a war that JFK got us into), we have Ronald Regan, we have Bush the senior and we have “W”. Now what I see is since the Democrats took over in November 4 years ago (Senate), look where we have gone! Look at W’s first term when the Republican’s controlled EVERYTHING. Our country has a history of electing a Democrat, then a Republican to fix everything they screw up.

“W” did not ask to be a war time President. 911 changed that. Real estate, even with the bubble breaking, is still worth 40% to 50% more than when Clinton left office. HISTORY will say he was one of our better Commanders.

Now the Obama group is telling us that this wet behind the ears FRESHMAN SENATOR is ready to lead the nation?Are you kidding me? The Democrats could not come up with a better choice? ANY one of the top 5 Republican’s that were in the race topple the Democrat’s Clinton or Obama.

Since I am Hispanic and a minority myself, I feel like I can say that if Obama where a white man, he would have never gotten out of the starting gate. Look at his experience or lack thereof! For heaven sake, Hillary is a FRESHMAN SENATOR as well (she was married to a President, but I’m not going to vote for Nancy Regan for President). I hope to see a black man, a woman or a Hispanic as President one day. The RIGHT choice at the RIGHT time. Not because he or she is cool (I can’t argue that Obama comes across as the “cool dude” for younger Americans just like that “cool dude” peanut farmer that was elected in 1976). What did Jimmy do? ZILCH in my opinion.

Condoleezza Rice? Elizabeth Dole? HELL YES! With 100% certainty, they will get my vote if and when they ever run for President. Elizabeth Dole, maybe her time has passed. Ms. Rice has the EXPERIENCE to get the job done. A black woman as President? That (Condoleezza Rice) is a GREAT idea that I will embrace. An inexperienced freshman Senator? I’ll take a pass.

Senator Mc Cain is one of the most experienced representatives on the planet. He knows the system. Obama’s “fairytale” of change will never happen. He has not EARNED the respect of the ones who count (not all of those college kids who have yet to do anything on their own). Mc Cain will keep the “W” tax cuts. Obama (or Clinton) for that matter, will raise taxes and further damage our slowing economy. As the old Republican saying goes, “Vote Republican, for a change” in November. We all saw what happened four years ago when the liberal congress and Senate blocked the President at every turn. Do we need more of that type of “change” I ask?

A vote for Mc Cain is a vote for real estate and a vote for TRUE change. I’m going with EXPERIENCE, not coolness. And by the way, if Obama is so smart, why does he smoke cigarettes? Has anyone told him that cigarettes cause cancer? What intelligent person would make that choice? Can you imagine Air Force One and The White House? The smell of cigarette funk everywhere?

Common sense says Mc Cain. This is not a race about “race” or about young verses old. It’s about what is best for the USA in the most critical election of my lifetime. I’m going with EXPERIENCE!