Where is The bottom?

Where is the bottom? The real estate market is still in decline according to the most recent stats. When will we hit the bottom? The truth is nobody knows! The market can turn faster than Brittany Spears goes from drunk to sober, to good mom to bad mom! As long as lenders are tight on the money, the market will remain sluggish.

If you are in the realty business, you already noticed that property that falls within the FHA Gridlines are actually selling! WOW, it is rocket science after all! In 2005, we were calling for the Undertaker to take FHA and VA loans away! With all of the 100% financing available to anyone (my dead uncle actually got a 100% loan in 2005, two years after they buried him. So much for only needing a pulse in 2005 to get a sub-prime loan) who needed VA or FHA? Flash forward to 2008! FHA is making the strongest comeback since George Forman in the 1990’s!

Like an old rerun of Good Times, FHA loans are DYNO-MITE for real estate! Those government loans are saving the day. This should send out an obvious signal to Wallstreet as well. Buyers must have some skin in the game (down payment), make money available to loan (attention lenders) to buyers with decent credit, follow Uncle Sam’s lead (FHA) and start walking to the light at the end of the tunnel.

I believe that the Tampa Bay Ray’s can win the World Series this year, The Buccaneer’s can host a Superbowl here in Tampa and play in (and win) the big game and The Tampa Bay Lightning can reclaim The Stanley Cup with the help of another Vince and new ownership. AND, I believe the real estate machine that drives America will lead our economy BACK.

Who needs Obama or McCain? The Vince Arcuri plan will work! Now somebody put me in charge! Somebody just needs to pay attention, and I’m not talking about ESPN.


Real Estate, Politics, and the NFL

Where does all this “change” come from!  Look at the state of our country!  In 2005, the realty market was on fire, gas was $2.00 a gallon and nobody knew a politician named Obama unless you were from Illinois!

Fast forward to 2008, faster than Michelle Obama can do a “daps” with her husband Barack Hussain Obama, the world has changed dramatically! Gas prices are $4.00 a gallon, real estate is down 30% and Obama is the Democratic nominee!

WOW. The world changes pretty fast if you don’t pay attention! Seems like the Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s were just winning the Superbowl! Now, Jon Gruden is fighting for his job! After the 8-8 season on the horizon, he will probably be looking for a job in 2009 (if Joel Glasier ever wakes up). Chris Simms leads another team to the Superbowl and former “wonder boy” of the NFL, Gruden will claim that he discovered him! That Superbowl win in 2003 is getting OLD! The last time the Buc’s won a playoff game was The Superbowl!

Like I said, things change on a dime. Hopefully, in February, the Buc’s are playing in the Superbowl right here in Tampa, gas prices are back to $2.00 a gallon and real estate is cooking again!  The next few years will be very interesting. Real Estate, Politics, and the NFL! I’m ready for 2009!