I have been with Exit Realty THREE YEARS NOW! Often you hear people in Exit talk about is the, residual income we all get from sponsoring agents into Exit. Everyone wants to bring agents into our company for the single level residual money, but as wonderful as Single Level Residuals are…….I think we lose focus on why our company as a whole is so much BETTER than the other brands.

After 18 years with ERA, I finished my last year with ERA, #1 worldwide for them. I realized then that I had spent 18 years climbing a ladder that was on the wrong building. I wanted to come to Exit so bad that I skipped the ERA Convention and did no get my award because I wanted to leave ASAP and start this new chapter in my career. Looking back, I spent close to $100,000 in franchise fees my last three years with ERA. What did I get for that? Access to a VIP tent at the ERA convention where I could get free coffee that lesser producers did not have access to. Management did not know my name despite consistently being in the top ten for them worldwide, year after year after year? I often wonder what kept me there so long? Why do agents not see the light? Why are we so loyal to people who clearly benefit from having us, but we don’t get anything in return? In Exit………. E V E R Y B O D Y WINS!

I wrote a blog in 2009 that if you go back and read it here on WordPress came 100% true (so far) for Tampa. I stated that ERA could not survive long term because the system they use is outdated, broken and will not work in this NEW realty market we are in. Well, in 2011, there are ZERO ERA franchises left in Tampa. One, ERA The Polo Group, was one of the most successful in ERA and the broker, Mario Polo is one of the finest real estate minds you will ever know. He did not fail ERA, ERA failed him by not changing with the times. Most of the major badges fail to look at the overall picture. THE AGENTS ARE THE COMPANY AND YOU BETTER TAKE CARE OF THEM.

With Exit, and this is the point of this blog, you get STATE OF THE ART MARKETING TOOLS, you get the best trainers in the industry and the level of support is so much better than I could have imagined. EXIT REALTY is the Rolls Royce of realty brands. Steve Morris is THE MIND of real estate and has been the leader of our badge since he gave birth to her over 12 years ago. With ERA, I thought CEO stood for “Career Ending Opportunity” because every time they announce a new CEO, they were gone before I could remember their name. At Exit, we have a solid foundation, solid leadership, solid marketing materials, leaders that DO HAVE A CLUE and are in front of the curve instead of always chasing it. Exit e-Listings, Exit Promo Shop are the best marketing tools in the industry bar none. Jeff Lobb is 100% on time with what is happening in the word of technology and we all know that changes hourly, Valerie Reyes can teach you how to bring in more agents and secure your and your family’s future, Bob McKinnen, Tami Bonell, Joyce, Steve Morris and on and on! Hands on management that truly cares about the brand, the agents and the image of what they are building.

I landed on real estate paradise when I landed on Exit. Yes, we have the residuals…………… but we have much, much more to offer than “just” residual income. I’m proud to be here! EXiT OWNS THE NEXT DECADE and beyond!



#1 On Google? A Waste of Time of worth the Time?

OK, here we go again. Three new e-mails today with the promise to get me on the first page of Google. I saw another seminar invite with the subject the same. I know the Internet is now the #1 place most BUYERS start to search for listings……. but do they REALLY search Google looking for an AGENT? I would say 100% NO.

I understand that this Internet Google “guru” is touting numbers like “95% of buyers today start their home search on the Internet” and so fourth. But the fact is, MOST of that 95% starts on the Internet alright, but that traffic and “hit number” is driven by sites like Realtor.com and homes.com for example. The buyer finds the house and calls the agent that has the listing. Investing on the enhanced listings on Realtor.com for example and having a good amount of listings to input is MY #1 source of buyers leads.

Don’t be misled. Most of those touting this Google deal have never sold real estate before. I drive traffic to my own website with my own marketing. In 2010, in Tampa Florida, one of the worst realty markets in the USA where unemployment is around 18% and over 60% of homeowners are upside down, I had 115 sales sides. NONE of that business came from Google.

I’m not saying a good position on Google will not look good on a listing presentation, but I can easily overcome such a minor obstacle in my interview process.

To learn more, visit my website at http://www.headofrealestate.com

Listing Agent Must Accompany?

The dumbest thing I see in MLS today is “Listing Agent Must Accompany Showings” in MLS. If you are a Seller, here is a message from Vincent Arcuri: I will NOT be showing your house to my potential Buyers.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Seller: You are asking why your Realtor attending the showings is not a good idea? I can give you a truck load of reasons why they SHOULD NOT be there but I will keep it short. #1) Nobody in real estate is ever on time. Either I will be running late because the buyer took longer than expected to look at each house or the agent meeting us there is running late so all the showings get pushed back. #2) Your Realtor wants to tell my buyer about every little detail of the house “here is the master bedroom” and “look at that chair rail” and drags what should be a regular showing into this 45 minute DRAMA of an agent trying to show off their real estate knowledge. #3) NOTE TO THOSE REALTORS: Buyers are emotional. They will not buy a house over another because yours is better built and the trusses are commercial grade. They like the pool, they like the location, they think this is the coolest house for the money? SOLD. You being there is not making one ounce of difference in the sale price or if my buyer is going to purchase the house or not. #4) When my buyer is late and you throw attitude around, it further puts your listing in the doghouse.

Locboxes today are safe, effective can be set for showings during certain hours and have the security needed to protect sellers. I set mine from 9:00AM to 8:00PM and deactivate the box at night. After each Agent that opens the box, I will get all the data on-line from MLS. I leave as much information as possible about the home IN THE HOME for any interested buyers to take with them. My listings are EASY to SHOW. That makes them SHOW MORE and the chances of a higher sales price and a faster time to sell are much better.

EGO should be left out of the process and that is what some agents are trying to do when showing up for every showing. Some top producers not have their assistants show up for them! AS IF! Who do WE as AGENTS make the home selling process so difficult on each other! We talk about the banks and how horrible they handle the short sales and REO’s and we do no better as a group.

Making listing difficult to show is a mistake and is not the best representation for your seller or buyers in the marketplace. We can do better.



As a past supporter of offshore drilling, I always assumed that those in charge had a plan to stop a massive oil leak like the one in the Gulf. The reason why I supported it was because I always thought the amount of oil spilled when they hit the well was minimal. Now THIS. It’s only a matter of time before hurricane season is clicking off one named storm after another and all that oil is swished around and no telling where in the world it will end up. This certainly will be the biggest disaster to the environment short of a nuclear accident.

I was thinking last night, why don’t the build a structure the size of a small house, with legs (like the Apollo Moon Lander) and sit it on top of the pipe. On top of the structure, put a circular pipe. They could slowly weld the pipe together and section by section lower it on top of the leak. Then the will have a large tube filling with the oil as it gushes up to the surface where it can be siphoned out into barges and hauled away, 100% clean.

It would take less than 7 days to build it and the environmental damage would be stopped. Why is this not being done? Certainly all those engineers have already thought of this simple solution? DUMBASSES!

Most would not support drilling offshore if they know this could happen. I’d rather pay $5.00 a gallon and have my clean beaches for my kids to enjoy.

State Of The Union

I am going to be politically incorrect here and say something that is on my mind and go into that “political no, no zone”!  I tried to watch the The Union address a few nights ago and President Obama really got under my skin.  Somebody needs to tell him that he is already President and he needs to stop campaigning and do the job the people elected him to do.  I’m so SICK of hearing him cry about President Bush.  He wants Senate Republicans to work with him, yet every speech he reminds everyone that he “inherited” the deficit and he blames Republicans.

In all my years I have NEVER heard another Commander-in-Chief badmouth a former President.  Ronald Regan never bashed Jimmy Carter once the campaign was over. Jimmy Carter never attacked Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford once he was elected.  I hear Obama TALK about how he wants to unite the country, yet his ACTIONS will never allow the two to willingly work together.  Obama thinks that Republicans are voting against him because they are Republicans.  Has it ever occurred to Obama that they are against him because they vote for the good of the country?  The Democrats have enough power in the Senate to pass anything they want if he could get the support of his own party, but he fails to get 100% support from his own party.

Mr. Obama is a great campaigner.  Too bad campaign season is over and he now has to try and do something he has yet to do in public service.  Serve a full term without abandoning ship and running for another office (1/2 term State Senator to 1/2 term U.S. Senator to President of the USA).

America was ignorant to vote for him in the first place.  Hillary Clinton was clearly a better, more stable choice than Obama for Democrats.  But he (Obama) charmed the pants off the country with his handsome smile and elegant speeches.  The Hollywood (borderline communists) supported him and he was off to the races.

He is a disaster, he has yet to produce a birth certificate showing he is a born US Citizen, he has lied to the American people over and over.  What about the C-Span comments.  He said over and over in his campaign that “the debate on healthcare was going to be carried on C-Span network so America could see first hand who was in the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies.”  Woooooops!  Once he was elected, I guess his party told him that it was the Democrats that were to blame and suddenly, he balks at C-Span.  Guess America did not need to know?

As far as the economy.  President Bush, John McCain and other ranking Republicans warned a Democrat run Senate in 2005 that Fannie and Freddie where out of control (easy to find video on youtube).  I remember Barney Frank SCOLDING those Republicans about trying to instill fear into America and that there was nothing wrong with the system.  Also remember, it was Bill Clinton who pushed legislation into law making it EASY to get a loan. He wanted everyone to lighten the standard so all Americans could have a piece of the American dream. 

President Bush was at the wrong place at the wrong time as all of those blunders that hit did so on his watch.  I guess Obama is going to blame 911 on Bush as well.

The fact that Obama blames Bush non-stop shows that he does not really comprehend what actually happened.  He believes his own lies.  America is headed in the wrong direction.  I see Bush (W and the father) making public service commercials on TV (give money for victims of Hati, Catarina etc.) with former President Clinton. THAT to me is how it should be.  Obama gives more respect to foreign leaders that his own past commanders.  He is acting very UN-American as far as I’m concerned.

I hope our President sees his wrong path and gets America going in the right direction.  Building this high speed rail from Tampa to Orlando is a total WASTE of taxpayers money.  He racked up more of a deficit in one year than Bush did in eight years with two wars on the books.  I hope he starts to work for the people who elected him and Mr. Obama moves more to the center, as that is the wish of America.  Nobody, even those who voted for him expected him to be this liberal.

He certainly loves that plane though.  CLEARLY his favorite “perk” of the job.  Wake up America!  If we all complain, we can get our President and our country back on track!


A Surge in Afghanistan Mr. Obama

I can’t believe it.  President Obama is “thinking” about a troop surge in Afghanistan?  He would rather see our troops die than admit that President Bush was correct by doing the same thing in Iraq.  When America was getting overrun in Iraq, Bush wanted and got a surge in the number of men sent to that country and it is a fact of record that we turned the tables and we have now or are rolling on the down side of our time there. 

Our men and women are getting killed in Afghanistan, all of our military leaders are advising the President to do the same, against the same enemy and they will get the same result.  He decided to wait a while, and this decision is killing American soldiers.  Obama is naked.  It is time for the media to report the facts.  Obama is a huge disappointment to the voters who elected him.  He spends a trillion dollars and unemployment went UP. 

He is a handsome, personable guy.  If I met him in person, I know I would love him.  But as a President?  I’d rather see McCain.  Now more than ever.  But we will need to wait 3 1/2 more years for this nightmare to end.  I say to Obama, forget the political agenda and just do what is right for America.  That is what our leader is elected to do.  Stop worrying about re-election and just do what is right for America and let the chips fall where they may.

And by the way, if you are thinking about buying real estate in Florida, go to http://www.headofrealestate.com

The clock is ticking Mr. Next President

O.K., so we now have the bailout! This seems odd, that millions of Americans who are in trouble are passed over and $700 Billion goes right to the people who caused this mess to begin with. Now Wallstreet will breathe a sigh of relief, hold on to the money for a while before they are pressured to lend again in 2009.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM AMERICA IS OVERLOOKING: The banks are still not aiding those in need. They are “Short Selling” homes to investors, but not the home owners. Many homeowners are filing bankruptcy to force lenders to renegotiate loans that the lender should be doing by their own free will. Now here is the clincher and the trigger that will drain our economy for the next 5-7 years if something is not done:

As you may know, President Bush passed legislation in 2008 to waive any IRS taxes on the shortfall for those who sell via short Sale or are foreclosure victims. Everyone seems to think that EVERYONE is included and they could not be further from the truth. That law ONLY applies to those who did not pull equity or refinance their home. In other words, if you paid $300,000 for your home in 2003 and in 2005 you pulled $100,000 out to pay off bills, etc. (you owe $410,000) and the home is now worth $290,000 and you sell for that number (Short Sale), you will NOT be exempt from the $110,000 shortage and you WILL receive a 1099 for this amount.

This law needs to be revised and updated for the NOW situation facing this country. No, it’s not fair to the ones who are paying on time, but this law must change and all of those IRS penalties must be waived across the board……… and I’ll take a beating for saying this, but it should apply to ALL properties including investors.Wallstreet was bailed out, now (as Obama and McCain put it) Mainstreet will need a bailout as well. Otherwise, one in six Americans will face another financial disaster and the economy will be impacted again in another way because those people will not be able to SPEND and BUY things. And that is the medicine for the economy to recover.

This will be another disaster if the legislation is not changed again. America needs the bailout worse than Wallstreet ever did. The clock is ticking Mr. Next President

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