As a past supporter of offshore drilling, I always assumed that those in charge had a plan to stop a massive oil leak like the one in the Gulf. The reason why I supported it was because I always thought the amount of oil spilled when they hit the well was minimal. Now THIS. It’s only a matter of time before hurricane season is clicking off one named storm after another and all that oil is swished around and no telling where in the world it will end up. This certainly will be the biggest disaster to the environment short of a nuclear accident.

I was thinking last night, why don’t the build a structure the size of a small house, with legs (like the Apollo Moon Lander) and sit it on top of the pipe. On top of the structure, put a circular pipe. They could slowly weld the pipe together and section by section lower it on top of the leak. Then the will have a large tube filling with the oil as it gushes up to the surface where it can be siphoned out into barges and hauled away, 100% clean.

It would take less than 7 days to build it and the environmental damage would be stopped. Why is this not being done? Certainly all those engineers have already thought of this simple solution? DUMBASSES!

Most would not support drilling offshore if they know this could happen. I’d rather pay $5.00 a gallon and have my clean beaches for my kids to enjoy.


Time For Property Taxes in Florida to Re-Boot

The Florida realty market is showing very strong signs of recovery. The last quarter of 2009 was very brisk, the first quarter of 2010 was very brisk. Two strong quarters or six straight months equals a recovering market. With the first time home buyers tax credit set to expire soon, why can’t the local and state governments do something very smart to get the market booming again.

Why not raise the sales tax in Florida 2% and eliminate property taxes altogether? This will stimulate the realty market, creating huge sums of revenue for Florida from the Doc Stamps on the Deed tax at every closing (Florida charges .70 for every $100 of the sale price to Sellers at closing). The sales tax increase will also make all the tourist pay their share for road wear and tear and it would lower the monthly payment on houses by as much as 25%, making housing more affordable than ever. It would certainly increase non-Florida resident sales for cash paying investors who will only need to pay insurance on those investments.

This will not happen because this type of legislation makes too much sense and our political leaders are stuck in old ways that will not change.

What Is Sponsoring?

This year I celebrated my 18th year in real estate!  Over almost two decades, I have seen it all.  ESPECIALLY how the overall business is run, from local independents, to major franchises to discount brokerages.  One thing virtually none of them “get” is the FACT that it is the AGENTS that are the assets of any company.  National franchises generally view THE COMPANY as the asset.

I was with my old badge (a national franchise) virtually my entire career under three different owners over the years since 1991.  In my opinion, that brand never looked at me, even when I was #4 worldwide, #5 worldwide and #1 worldwide, despite paying well into the six figures in franchise fees over the years.  I was the #1  Agent in Tampa Bay from 1995-2008 for that national brand.  When I was with company #1, they were a top 50 office worldwide with that brand.  In my opinion, the corporation viewed that broker as “the king” and when I left for another office of the same brand, they stayed loyal to my previous broker.  A year or two later, my new company became a top 50 franchise (as the old firm fell off the map) and in my opinion, corporate sucked up to the new broker (and old broker who broke into the top 50 status from the fruit of my labor).  Then, the owner unexpectedly passed away and there was a split in ownership.  I went with another  broker who purchased another old sinking ship  from that brand and I was his big fish.  Soon, he was a top 100 office and was very close to breaking into the top 50 with this national franchise model.  In my opinion, Corporate still was on my old company, a day late and a dollar short like they always seem to be.  Now, arguably the most successful office in Tampa  for their franchise when I left (based on 2008 sales volume)  is on very shaky legs as I write this.  Where was the support for ME the Agent?  In my opinion, they were so busy viewing the company as the asset, that they forgot about the AGENTS that pay the bills.  It’s not the local Broker / Franchise owners fault.  In my opinion, the parent company has taught them that THEY are the asset.  They are not, it is the agents that chose to work there, at any office, that is the true asset.

What makes EXIT Realty any different?  How about Sponsoring!  Just like Wal-Mart or the insurance industry, EXIT is built on the company growing through the AGENT and Exit views the AGENTS as the asset, not the owner or single company.  Is this bad? Well, I say “No” it is not bad.  I think it is a great floor plan to build a company around.  If the AGENTS are the focus of the COMPANY, both the Agent and Company are better off (anyone listening at big franchises)?  I am so sold on this format, that I bought an EXIT Franchise of my own just 6  months into me becoming an Agent with Exit.  You can imagine how upset my Broker Wayne Furlong must be at me leaving his firm after just six months right?  After all, Brokers are ALWAYS mad at us when we leave, especially when you are buying the same brand and creating competition!  Somebody forgot to tell EXIT Realty International about that because my old broker, Wayne Furlong has been my biggest cheerleader and he has not only given his blessing, he has been involved first hand with helping me set up.  Other Exit brokers are helping as well because in EXIT, they (WE) all understand that by building the company together, we ALL  get stronger together.

When I was with my old franchise, two of their biggest brokers in Tampa Bay (both the SAME brand) were suing each other constantly.  Corporate did NOTHING to get involved and stop this damaging practice.  I can’t imagine Exit allowing that to happen in any market they have.  The total opposite is true! Exit Brokers, Agents and Owners are HELPING each other!

By sponsoring agents into the system, other Exit Agents actually “own” part of the other agent they bring in!  They help that agent become more successful.  I am SO IMPRESSED with this Exit Formula that I want to tell the world!  If you want to learn more, click this link and take a look at this Sponsoring Video all about how Exit works:

For more information on this subject, you can call me direct on my cellular phone at 813-Vincent or visit my website at

This BLOG is the sole opinion of Vincent Arcuri and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Exit Realty, Exit Realty International or any other Exit Realty broker, Agent or Owner.

Attitude is EVERYTHING

I have Agents everywhere ask me how we survived the 2007 -2008 market in Tampa Florida (one of the worst markets in the nation in 2007 according to Forbes Magazine). In a word, ATTITUDE. We kept a positive attitude and we refused to let our market share take the hit. I knew that SOME people were going to buy houses in Tampa in 2007 -2008 and that some houses were going to sell in that market. I just continued to tell myself and members of my Team that we were not going to be one of those Agents who let the market take control of US. We worked harder, we worked smarter and we worked longer. I know many real estate trainers (usually the ones who have never sold real estate before) tell us how to do it, but they never have done it. Sometimes in this business, depending on your schedule and the market, we must put in those 18-20 hour days. That is simply the life of a good Realtor. If you survived 2007 -2008 in Florida, you did not do it by working a 5 hour day.

We farmed more because the competition stopped farming, we went after FSBO’s because there were less agents doing it and we attacked all Expired and Withdrawn listings in our area. We asked for price reductions on our current inventory until they were priced well enough to SELL. Remember, it is JUST STUPID TO SPEND ALL OF YOUR TIME TRYING TO GET NEW LISTINGS WHEN YOU HAVE 15-20 LISTINGS NOW THAT NEED PRICE REDUCTIONS! GET YOUR SELLER TO ADJUST THOSE OVERPRICED LISTINGS NOW! We did that in 2007 -2008 as well. Keeping a positive and upbeat mind set (read the book “Born To Be Exceptional” by Steve Morris if you are a Realtor). Tell yourself that you are good and that you will be a success! Convince yourself FIRST that your listings are salable. If YOU don’t think your listing is good and priced right, how is anyone else, let alone a qualified BUYER going to think so? They smell your ATTITUDE when you meet them at the property when you show it to them.             ATTITUDE!

In 2007, my Team ranked #4 in the world with ERA with about $30,000,000 in sales and in 2008, my Team ranked #1 in the world with ERA with $40,000,000 in sales. This with myself, one licenced assistant and two buyers agents to handle the phones. We all talk and reminisce about 2005, but our (Team Arcuri) sales figures were up in 2007 and 2008 and there were only two agents in Tampa Bay that saw increases in sales from that 2005 peak (please excuse me if you were a new agent that sold 2 houses in 2005 and then sold 5 in 2008, I’m talking to the big boys and girls here) in that time period. ATTITUDE is how we did and will continue to do it! The market was in the tank, yet we ranked #1 in the world with our former brand (and trust me, my former “brand” did absolutely ZERO to help us get there).

With Exit, we have continued our pace (if we can get our numbers posted in MEMO this millennium!) and we are even more excited to land with a company that shares our enthusiasm and that shares our “ATTITUDE” with us. We landed on VERY solid ground.

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