Attitude is EVERYTHING

I have Agents everywhere ask me how we survived the 2007 -2008 market in Tampa Florida (one of the worst markets in the nation in 2007 according to Forbes Magazine). In a word, ATTITUDE. We kept a positive attitude and we refused to let our market share take the hit. I knew that SOME people were going to buy houses in Tampa in 2007 -2008 and that some houses were going to sell in that market. I just continued to tell myself and members of my Team that we were not going to be one of those Agents who let the market take control of US. We worked harder, we worked smarter and we worked longer. I know many real estate trainers (usually the ones who have never sold real estate before) tell us how to do it, but they never have done it. Sometimes in this business, depending on your schedule and the market, we must put in those 18-20 hour days. That is simply the life of a good Realtor. If you survived 2007 -2008 in Florida, you did not do it by working a 5 hour day.

We farmed more because the competition stopped farming, we went after FSBO’s because there were less agents doing it and we attacked all Expired and Withdrawn listings in our area. We asked for price reductions on our current inventory until they were priced well enough to SELL. Remember, it is JUST STUPID TO SPEND ALL OF YOUR TIME TRYING TO GET NEW LISTINGS WHEN YOU HAVE 15-20 LISTINGS NOW THAT NEED PRICE REDUCTIONS! GET YOUR SELLER TO ADJUST THOSE OVERPRICED LISTINGS NOW! We did that in 2007 -2008 as well. Keeping a positive and upbeat mind set (read the book “Born To Be Exceptional” by Steve Morris if you are a Realtor). Tell yourself that you are good and that you will be a success! Convince yourself FIRST that your listings are salable. If YOU don’t think your listing is good and priced right, how is anyone else, let alone a qualified BUYER going to think so? They smell your ATTITUDE when you meet them at the property when you show it to them.             ATTITUDE!

In 2007, my Team ranked #4 in the world with ERA with about $30,000,000 in sales and in 2008, my Team ranked #1 in the world with ERA with $40,000,000 in sales. This with myself, one licenced assistant and two buyers agents to handle the phones. We all talk and reminisce about 2005, but our (Team Arcuri) sales figures were up in 2007 and 2008 and there were only two agents in Tampa Bay that saw increases in sales from that 2005 peak (please excuse me if you were a new agent that sold 2 houses in 2005 and then sold 5 in 2008, I’m talking to the big boys and girls here) in that time period. ATTITUDE is how we did and will continue to do it! The market was in the tank, yet we ranked #1 in the world with our former brand (and trust me, my former “brand” did absolutely ZERO to help us get there).

With Exit, we have continued our pace (if we can get our numbers posted in MEMO this millennium!) and we are even more excited to land with a company that shares our enthusiasm and that shares our “ATTITUDE” with us. We landed on VERY solid ground.

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What is Right With Tampa

Tampa Skyline

Tampa Skyline

With all of the negative publicity surrounding real estate these days, with the government “takeover” of FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC, with record foreclosures in Florida added to skyrocketing homeowners insurance rates and unpredictable gas prices, and with frequent hurricanes (Hurricane Ike is about to hit Florida so hard that they may re-name the state Tina Turner) what is there to like about Florida? Who would want to invest in Florida or Tampa Bay?

With all of the negatives, there is one really good reason to invest in Florida real estate. MONEY. The overall population of Florida is expected to double by 2030. Although builders over extended themselves with all the armature investors on 2005, even those investors who held on to bad investments will soon reap the rewards of their patience! A few things to remember about Florida: There is NO STATE INCOME TAX! That alone offsets most of the things I mentioned in the first paragraph on this blog! No snow! We are the Sunshine State! I’m at the beach the week before Christmas getting a tan while the rest of the country is shoveling snow! The Arts, the nightlife, the diversification of life and lifestyles! Not to mention The Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL), The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL), The Tampa Bay Rays (MLB). The Super Bowl will again be in Tampa in February of 2009!

I was watching my favorite show last week (The Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO Network) and my friend Chad Rogers (who is the star of the show, a Realtor reality show) was showing property in Malibu and Beverly Hills. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Talk about sticker shock! In Tampa, you can buy a brand new home in The Reserve of Old Tampa Bay (some of the best real estate in Tampa) for less than $1,200,000! I’m talking a 4000 square foot home on the water! Get in your boat and drive to Nassau water! That home anywhere in LA would bring $20,000,000. There are no $20,000,000 houses in Tampa and any agent who disagrees is talking EGO, not reality!

The fact that you can purchase a quality home in Tampa for $300,000 that has 3500 square feet, five bedrooms and three to four baths with a pool and a three car garage in a SAFE, great location (neighborhood) with some of the best schools anywhere in the USA (with a pool) is unheard of! In Tampa it is abundant! Yes it was over developed in 2005 and 2006, but the people are still coming, the jobs are still coming, there will be a time in 2010 where investors will say about Florida, “Could have, should have”. And here we are! To find out more about Florida and Tampa real estate, visit my website at