A Case For Real Estate / The Great Depression

This is not the first real estate bubble we have had “burst” and it will not be the last. It is my opinion that the government got us all into this mess and it is their obligation to get us out….NOW.

The government is constantly meddling in the real estate business. “First time home buyer tax credit” of this year was just one in a long history of our political “leaders” trying to drum up business for the real estate industry.

In 1919 The National Association of Real Estate Boards (Now NAR or National Association of Realtors) was promoting real estate via the “Own Your Own Home” campaign. This was a industry based program run by Realtors. Herbert Hoover (the then secretary of commerce) encourage the United States government to take over this program to increase home ownership. And the cycle of real estate was forever altered. Since then, it seems like the government has had a hand in real estate, trying to make it more and more affordable so “every American” can live the dream and own a home. This of course so the banking industry could stretch loans out over 30 years and rake in insane revenue on those 30 year loans!

After our country went into the “Great Depression” in the 20’s, how did the country get out of that mess? 25% of Americans were out of work and most of those jobs were construction related! Reigniting the real estate market back then was a great way to create jobs and get the economy rolling again! Talk about a “Stimulus Package” on steroids!!!

So what does America do in 2008 and 2009? We repeat what history taught us and get the real estate industry back on track, getting value back up, getting those construction workers, surveyors, roofers, plumbers, electricians, lawn service companies, painters, Realtors, lenders and everyone related to our field! WOW, what a TRILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT could do for the economy………….. except Obama flushed that toilet when he blew the trillion on HIS ego driven Stimulus package that has clearly and unequivocally FAILED the American people.

The government dug the hole. Now the CAN’T get out of the real estate game…. can they? I say YES they can…… eventually. If they eliminate the capital gains tax on real estate across the board, no matter how short of a time a person has owned the property, we would clear out of this mess sooner rather than later. Further, property taxes like we have in Florida are BULL _ _ _ _!!! Every state that has property taxes could raise the sales tax .02 per dollar and the revenue created would more than offset the income generated by the loss of property taxes. Now (in Florida for example) the tourists can pay some of that money to rebuild our roads, etc. (since they help destroy and use those roads now) This will reduce the overall cost of home ownership (total payment) by 1/3 in many cases. Buyers who can’t afford to buy, now will be able to and as they buy those starter homes, everyone can move back up the food chain!

After the market gets healthy again, we can only hope that the government can stay out of the business of trying to get every American to own a home. (How did that work out for you President Clinton?). The TRUTH IS, some people will NEVER own a home and will be lifetime renters. America, there is nothing wrong with that! Everyone does not need to buy or own a home for America to be great! We just need responsible leadership that understands economics and how the system works. 2012 seems really far off to me, but November 2010 is just a few weeks away! I can FEEL the market recovering now!



Craigs List and Lazy Realtors

OK, I go to put some of my listings on Craigslist today and what do I see but MY LISTING listed with another brokerage firm! I was flabbergasted to say the least! I know it is common to share information in this new Internet wave (for website searches etc) but to have an agent actually sit down, steal your pictures from MLS, put them into Craigslist and mislead the public into thinking that they are the listing agent? That is a new one to me! Is it a violation? I called MidFlorida MLS and they told me “as long as at the very bottom of the listing it says “Listed with Exit Realty Foundations” that this was OK”. After I got up off the floor I started thinking……….

What kind of REALTOR would do this? LAZY ones. When I was a new agent, there was no Internet access. In those days, you had to work to get your business. You got off your deadbeat ass and WORKED at your business. Today, the prototypical LAZY REALTOR can sit in the A/C and post listings that not only don’t belong to them, but not even their office! A shortcut so they think, HOWEVER, if they do this, it tells me all I need to know about them. They will never make it long term in this industry. One thing that has not changed in my 20 years in this business is that “the extra mile still has no traffic jams” and that is the motto of most successful agents.

Those LAZY Realtors might think they are being smart, but when the meet the client who contacted them on the $600,000 listing only to get to the property and see MY SIGN on the lawn, I’ll let them explain to those buyers how “slick” they really are.

My question to NAR is this: WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO SELL CLAUSE IN OUR LISTING CONTRACTS? Somebody better wake up on this or it could be the beginning of the end for the real estate industry as we know it today.

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A Happy Realtor Makes More Money

To me, having been in this business for about 20 years now, being in a “happy place” with your office is the best place to be. To be in an office that is poorly run by ignorant management / ownership with games being played, leads given out to those who kiss the most butt and all the favors being passed to those who play the “management game” turns off top producing agents who should be getting those leads for keeping the company afloat. To work in an environment of harmony with all of the TEAM working together to boost EVERYONE in the brand’s production is the way it should be. The EXIT way. While owners of the same brand in Tampa continue to waste time attacking each other, all of the EXIT offices in Tampa work in harmony and help each other. I can’t repeat that enough. As EXIT agents sponsor in other agents, the agent who brought the other agent in will help them become a success because the agent who brought them in gets a 10% residual from that other agent. They also want to help that agent bring in other agents behind them to anchor their position so the agent they brought in can make residual income as well. The ultimate win /win for any Realtor in this system!

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Elmo Live & Real Estate

The new Elmo Live toy hit the market today.  Go to any toy store and they are everywhere!  Just like real estate, it’s about supply and demand.  Wait till Christmas!  Wait till your kid asks you for one.  There will be ZERO inventory in the stores and you will go right to e-bay and pay more than retail for the toy.

It reminds me of 2005 real estate market.  Little inventory, many buyers.  Just like real estate, if the toy maker started pumping out toys (like the builders did houses and condos), I’ll bet speculators will rush to the store and buy every toy they can get their greedy hands on!  The thought: They will double their money with the “Elmo Bubble”.

Then, after the market is flooded with toys, those investors will be left with a doll that is worth about 50% of what they paid!  Those credit card companies that financed the deals will be in big trouble as well.

Don’t worry, if this senario becomes a reality, the government will bail out those credit card companies and take those losses for them.  Our tax dollars will pay for it.  So run out and buy as many Elmo dolls as your credit limit will allow (NOT).

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