A Surge in Afghanistan Mr. Obama

I can’t believe it.  President Obama is “thinking” about a troop surge in Afghanistan?  He would rather see our troops die than admit that President Bush was correct by doing the same thing in Iraq.  When America was getting overrun in Iraq, Bush wanted and got a surge in the number of men sent to that country and it is a fact of record that we turned the tables and we have now or are rolling on the down side of our time there. 

Our men and women are getting killed in Afghanistan, all of our military leaders are advising the President to do the same, against the same enemy and they will get the same result.  He decided to wait a while, and this decision is killing American soldiers.  Obama is naked.  It is time for the media to report the facts.  Obama is a huge disappointment to the voters who elected him.  He spends a trillion dollars and unemployment went UP. 

He is a handsome, personable guy.  If I met him in person, I know I would love him.  But as a President?  I’d rather see McCain.  Now more than ever.  But we will need to wait 3 1/2 more years for this nightmare to end.  I say to Obama, forget the political agenda and just do what is right for America.  That is what our leader is elected to do.  Stop worrying about re-election and just do what is right for America and let the chips fall where they may.

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A Time To Measure

Another Labor Day approaches! In 2005, it signaled the end of the boom, the bubble popping, the nail hitting the tire or whatever you want to call it. The slowdown began. By March of 2006, two more tires were flat and by Labor Day 2006, just one year after the boom, the tires were off the car! 2006 to 2007 was more of the same! I believe Labor Day 2008 could be the beginning of the recovery!

The one big difference between the last few years and today is one simple fact. Houses are selling! Record foreclosures, “short sales” galore. The banks are being stingy with the money, nobody will loan money to home buyers…………………………… yet houses are still selling.

Much of the sales activity is investor related. That should sound the alarm bells for America. TRUE INVESTORS ARE NOW BUYING! I remember in 2005, when the amateurs were overnight real estate investors, everyone followed the armature! Just like the “Day Traders” of the stock market a few years ago. Everyone was a player in the stock market. Then the bottom fell out. Who became wealthy? Those true investors who were there to pick up the pieces!

Who will become wealthy in 2009, 2010 and 2011? Those buying the deals today! Why not? You can buy at or below 10% less than today’s market value as added insulation to your investment! STILL, there is a great supply and demand differential. Inventory is still high. There is still time to right your bad investments from 2005 and 2006! Jump on the real estate train today and ride out what has become our national nightmare! Ten years from now, real estate values will be double what they are today!

If you are not getting the message, here it is again: BUYERS, THIS IS YOUR MARKET!

China and the USA

U.S. Lenders beware! China has TRILLIONS to invest in the USA! Today, they are investing over ONE BILLION in our stock market! They plan on getting more aggressive as the months pass. I wonder what would happen if China started offering mortgages in the USA? With US Banks and lending institutions tightening lending standards, what is to stop China from loaning money here? Imagine if the nightmare! What if the past two years was erased? All the bad loans and foreclosures were wiped out? A fresh start for everybody! China has that opportunity now! They were not involved with any loans or the sub-prime nightmare we are living in today! In ten years, they could hold mortgages on a significant portion of loans in our country!

I do not believe this would be good in the long term! China a player in our real estate business here in the USA? What would happen if they called all the notes due if we had another real estate boom and they were the only ones lending money? They just take all of the equity of our property owners? If they were the primary lender, who could stop them from adding this clause to the fine print of the loan? I could write for days about it but I will leave it at this. What if they sold all the stock they have purchased the past few years all at one time? What would happen to our economy?


Loaning money is what caused this mess and loaning money again is the only way out! Learn from your mistakes, actually look at the applicant! If they were delivering pizza 4 months ago, don’t give that guy a $400,000 loan (yes, that did happen because I know the couple). Tightening of the belt is smart, turning down loans in this market will couples with 740 credit scores that have been working at the same job for 20 years (yes, I have seen this as well) is too tight!

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but our government needs to be the one to step up and fix it, not a foreign country!