I Love My Fellow Realtor, Despite Public Opinion!

In the world of real estate, agents compete for business in an aggressive manner.  One neighbor told me over the weekend, “Vince, you and so and so must really hate each other” and his comment made me take a step back and look at my relationship with other agents.  I guess it appears that we don’t really like one another because of the “postcard wars” and the “I sold more than him” messages.  The TRUTH is, I NEED my competition!  I need them like the New York Yankees need the Boston Red Sox, like the Boston Celtics need the LA Lakers.  I certainly respect my peers and sometimes the general public seems to think we don’t like each other, but in reality, it’s just the game of real estate.  I never take ANYTHING they say in a postcard personal because it’s just the business we have selected.  If WE don’t take it upon oneself to tell the world we are the best agent available, WHO WILL?

To the contrary, I salute my competition.  Without them, I would not be as motivated to get out of bed in the morning and excel.  Without them I probably would not work as hard to be the best.  Without them, it would be a much easier ride but certainly less enjoyable.  Most of my competitor’s are really nice agents that do a nice job.  Otherwise, we would not continue to compete against one another for almost 20 years now.

I thank my competition for being so good that they force me to stay on top of my game!  For more information on me, go to http://www.headofrealestate.com

Sellers, USE A LOCKBOX if You Want To Sell

I find it 100% crazy that Sellers don’t want to use a lockbox in this day and age.  What REALLY blows my mind are agents who actually propose the idea of not using a lockbox.  Instead, they, or a member of their staff attend the showing. HOW STUPID.  I don’t even show listings that don’t have a lockbox.  Those are the FIRST “X” I put on a property, the one that says “Listing Agent Must Accompany.”  AS IF they have control over my buyer.

How about this, your buyer is behind schedule (sound familiar Realtors?).  Now this other agent is blowing up my phone asking “where are you? You said between 1 and 1:30, I have another showing after this.”  Now the buyer shows up and they have 100% attitude and rush the buyer out. Maybe the buyer liked the house, but now he is mad at the other agent and the innocent Seller, who was miss-advised by the listing agent is the victim.

Ego and control issues. An electronic lockbox is safe and effective.  The ingress and egress is documented and e-mailed to the listing agent so they can call and ask for feedback.  The are made for this scenario, for selling houses.  They can be set to not be functional for a period of time (after 8:00 P.M. and active again at 10:00 A.M. for example.  There is an additional code they can add for even more security…… but those listings with a “CBS” code are the SECOND ones to get an “X” off the showing list.

Lockboxes are to make houses easy to show so they are easy to sell.  If the listing agent is trying to control the buyer, MY BUYER, how difficult are they going to be to work with. A lockbox is a MUST if you want as many qualified buyers in your home as possible. This will result in a faster sale and for more money.  It is a proven FACT.

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Craig Witt on: I’m Still In Shock Over The Exit Realty Concept

Thanks to Craig Witt at http://activerain.com/blogs/craigwitt for the reblog!

Here’s what Craig had to say:

Each week our newest associate from Tampa, Vince Arcuri, posts a blog about his experience since joining EXIT Realty. So, why is this blog-worthy and why would I re-blog his comments? Simple, Vince was #1 in the World for ERA in 2008 and left to join EXIT Realty; a true professional Realtor that now realizes he has joined the best Real Estate company that has true culture and puts their associates first. We underpromise and overdeliver on technology, training, systems and tools that can make your life as a Realtor more productive and profitable.

We know every Realtor has options, but consider this: You can get most anywhere with either a Ford, GM, Chrysler or even a Ferrari in a reasonable amount of time. But, what if I offered you a helicopter? Would that change your perception of efficient travel? EXIT Realty is the helicopter; the choice is clear and the choice is yours. Put your ego aside like others are and take a look at our business model. You will quickly find that it is one that vests brokers and agents together in a partnership for each others success. Our foundation is our culture and our residual system is a bonus.

Read Vince’s latest comments and stay tuned for more to come.

Check out Craig’s blog at: http://activerain.com/blogs/craigwitt

A Happy Realtor Makes More Money

To me, having been in this business for about 20 years now, being in a “happy place” with your office is the best place to be. To be in an office that is poorly run by ignorant management / ownership with games being played, leads given out to those who kiss the most butt and all the favors being passed to those who play the “management game” turns off top producing agents who should be getting those leads for keeping the company afloat. To work in an environment of harmony with all of the TEAM working together to boost EVERYONE in the brand’s production is the way it should be. The EXIT way. While owners of the same brand in Tampa continue to waste time attacking each other, all of the EXIT offices in Tampa work in harmony and help each other. I can’t repeat that enough. As EXIT agents sponsor in other agents, the agent who brought the other agent in will help them become a success because the agent who brought them in gets a 10% residual from that other agent. They also want to help that agent bring in other agents behind them to anchor their position so the agent they brought in can make residual income as well. The ultimate win /win for any Realtor in this system!

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