#1 On Google? A Waste of Time of worth the Time?

OK, here we go again. Three new e-mails today with the promise to get me on the first page of Google. I saw another seminar invite with the subject the same. I know the Internet is now the #1 place most BUYERS start to search for listings……. but do they REALLY search Google looking for an AGENT? I would say 100% NO.

I understand that this Internet Google “guru” is touting numbers like “95% of buyers today start their home search on the Internet” and so fourth. But the fact is, MOST of that 95% starts on the Internet alright, but that traffic and “hit number” is driven by sites like Realtor.com and homes.com for example. The buyer finds the house and calls the agent that has the listing. Investing on the enhanced listings on Realtor.com for example and having a good amount of listings to input is MY #1 source of buyers leads.

Don’t be misled. Most of those touting this Google deal have never sold real estate before. I drive traffic to my own website with my own marketing. In 2010, in Tampa Florida, one of the worst realty markets in the USA where unemployment is around 18% and over 60% of homeowners are upside down, I had 115 sales sides. NONE of that business came from Google.

I’m not saying a good position on Google will not look good on a listing presentation, but I can easily overcome such a minor obstacle in my interview process.

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A Website Is Now Your Resume’

Many Agents are still in the 1990’s.  Some of the websites I see from top agents are really a disappointment.  Agents should really focus on their websites as they can tell a potential client what kind of an Agent you really are.  Do you have the same “store bought” website as five million other agents or are you making an impact and using your site as a resume’ ?  Your site should include some information about YOU. Most sites I see are all so “generic” looking.  They have all of these links to information not pertaining to the Agent or how they work!  There is so much content you can add to your website in this day and age.  You can add video, news clips or anything that gives the client more information about YOU.  A quality website is your footprint on the realty world and you must spend the money and make the time to show your clients that you are the best choice when selecting a Realtor to represent them.  I feel like my site is state of the art and it really enhances my regular farming marketing that drives traffic to that site.  Remember, your marketing should drive traffic to your site.  If you have a quality site and you drive clients to it, the business will follow.  To see mine, go to http://www.headofrealestate.com and check it out.  Feel free to leave any feedback on how you think it can be improved.  I think video content is a MUST in this new era of marketing.